An Look At The Different Pug Colors And The Most Popular

Ever wondered how many Pug colors there are? If you’re thinking about getting one, you’re in the right place. We’re going to take a look at the standard colors of this breed as well as the ones that are not recognized by the FCI and other kennel clubs.

The AKC (American Kennel Club) only recognizes two coat colors, which are black and fawn. Dogs with the brindle patterned coat are not within the standard and are NOT recognized by the AKC. This breed can also be found in white, silver (aka silver-fawn), apricot (aka apricot-fawn), or even the rare brindle color.

Here’s how to tell if your Pug is full breed and what to look for.

pug colors

Most Common Colors of Pugs

It won’t take long to see the popular fawn-colored pug, because this is the most common type to see. This is because 2/3 of Pugs are fawn or in the fawn range. It is the color that most people think of when they are looking for a Pug.

Most people have no clue about the white Pug or the Albino one, at least I didn’t know about them.

What Color Do Pugs Come In?

Like most dog breeds, the colors of Pugs will vary. If you are considering adopting or rescuing a Pug, you should know that you can get any of the following colors. We’ll go into more detail about the different colored Pugs.

Here are the types of Pug colors you can find:

  • Fawn
  • Black
  • Apricot
  • Gray or Silver
  • Smuttiness
  • Brindle

The color variations will vary more depending on what type of dog the Pug has been bred with.

A Closer Look At The Pug Colors

Now let’s take a closer look at the markings and differences of the pug coat colors.

Colors and Markings of Fawn Pug

fawn Pug
The fawn-colored Pug is the most popular.

The coat on this breed will range from light to medium tan. It can also be intermixed with other colors and result in different hue variations like Silver Fawn or Apricot.

All pugs have a mask on their muzzle, which is usually black. This mask is most noticeable in Pugs with a light color coat such as white or fawn.

Black Colored Pugs Are Rare

The all-black Pug is very similar to the fawn Pug in terms of size, facial structure, build and etc. The only difference is the colour of the coat and the markings.

A healthy black Pug will have a shiny jet-black color to their coat. Some will have a “mismark” any white spots on their coat. Mindy my black Pug, had white on her chest and her paw.

The only complaint I have about an all-black dog is that it’s hard to take good pictures of them.

The black gene is known to be more dominant, but the fawn Pugs are more popular.

Colors and Markings of Black Pug

jet black Pug
The black Pug is rare

Some black Pugs will have white markings around their chest and paws. However, it’s not uncommon to see some that are a sleek, solid black.

They do not have the black muzzle and stripe down their back that their fawn-colored cousins have. If they do, you can’t see it because of their dark coat.

The all-black variety is the second most popular color among pet owners. They are NOT as rare as they used to be.

I personally think they are gaining popularity because they shed less than the fawn-colored ones.

Silver Pug, Fawn, and Silver

This is a unique variation that is not that common. Most pet owners and breeders tend to believe that they have a Black puppy when it is silver.

The silver pug looks gray with some darker variations of shade, although they look different these pugs can label their pugs as the fawn.

Apricot Fawn and Dark Apricot Color

Apricot pugs are a variation of the fawn coloration. Their coat has the same base color as their fawn cousin, however, they have a few reddish-brown hairs that are scattered around the coat.

This gives their coat a red tone, that is similar to an apricot. At birth, this breed is typically redder than the fawn pups at birth.

As they age, the strong red color starts to fade to a peach shade. You’ll be able to see the typical pug black masking on this breed.

Gray Pug

Many people think that these dogs can be found in a grey color. However, after doing some research, I found that these are actually Silver colored pooches that have a darker variation that resembles a grayish color.

They are referred to as a Silver-Gray colored. I’ve personally haven’t seen a picture of one, but I am sure they look adorable like all the other colors.


This term refers to the fawn coats that have a black overlay. The smuttiness occurs when the “bleeding of the black hairs starts to seem through the rest of the hair.

The bleeding of the black hairs is only noticeable on the light-colored (fawn, apricot, silver, silver-fawn, or apricot-fawn) canines. These patches of black hair are most noticeable up close.

Unlike the “thumbmark” which only appears on the back of the dog. Smuttiness can appear anywhere on the Pug, including the back, head, legs, and flanks.

Brindle Pugs Are Rare

brindle colored Pug
Brindle Pug

Although the Brindle pig is adorable, it is not considered to be a standard color of this breed. This is a rare breed and it requires selective breeding to achieve the brindle markings.

Because of this, it is difficult to find brindle pugs for sale. In fact, I had to browse online for quite a while to find the image below.

As you can see, this pattern of this pooch gives off interlocking dark and light colors, which makes it look like a striped dog. The brindle coat pattern is extremely common in other dog breeds including, American Bulldog, Boxer, Chihuahua, Pit Bull and several more.

White Colored Pug

The white Pug is extremely rare and I’ve personally only seen a picture of one. His name is Marshmallow and he’s become extremely popular on Facebook and YouTube.

This solid white breed is often mistaken for an albino. There is the controversy of this over this type of dog. Since breeders need to mix other dog breeds to get this distinctive white color, this is why this breed is not recognized by the AKC.

The white-colored Pug is also referred to as the albino pug. Albinism is a condition that is characterized by the lack of melanin in the organism’s body.

Marshmallow is one of the most popular white Pug’s I’ve seen. You can find his image on Facebook to see what a white Pug looks like.

All Pug Colors

different colored Pugs
Pugs come in several different colors

As you can see, the Pug dog colors can vary quite a bit. Some of the rare Pug colors will require you to find a specific type of breeder if you’re looking for that specific color.

Regardless of what dog breed you get, you will realize they come in different colors. As I mentioned above, the only two colors that are considered purebred according to the AKC are the black and fawn ones.

Health Problems of The Albino Pug

Albino Pugs are extremely rare and are not recognized by the AKC. Due to the rarity of this breed, it is not known what type of health issues they are plagued with.

However, due to their selective breeding, there are sure to be health problems associated with this breed. The lack of melanin in the body can cause this breed to be photo-phobic, and exposure to direct sunlight can cause severe pain and irritation in their eyes.

The lack of melanin removes the important natural sun-block element from their system. This makes them susceptible to UV-generated skin cancers including melanoma.

Does A Pugs Coat Change Color?

Just like humans, a Pugs coat will become a lighter shade of color as they creep into their senior years. You’ll also notice gray hairs on their face or different parts of their body.

This change is more noticeable on the black or non-fawn pugs.

Puppies can appear one color and as they age can become a shade or two darker. This isn’t always the case. The best way to ensure that you get the right color you want is to take a look at the parents of the puppy.

The coloring of pups is hereditary. If your pups coat color does change, it won’t be an extremely dramatic change.

For instance, if you get an all-black pup, it will not grow up to a fawn-colored Pug. It may get a few mismark, (white spots) on their body. Here are some reasons that a Pug’s coat changes color.

What Is The Most Popular Pug Color?

According to the graph on the PugWorld, this is the percentage of the pug colour around the world.

  • Silver: 7.84%
  • Apricot: 8.25%
  • Black: 21.69%
  • Fawn: 62.19%

The Trace

This is the dark marking that runs down the back of this breed. It is only visible on non-black Pugs.

The marking runs from the back of the head down to the tail. Non-black pugs will have a mask around their face. It’s a black area that covers the majority of the face, which makes it look like a mask.

Most non-black Pugs will have a “thumbmark” or “diamond” as well. This is a dark diamond, oval, or thumb shape that appears on the forehead. The area is formed by the wrinkles on the forehead.

Effect of Color on Pug Temperament

As for every breed of canines, this breed comes in several different shades, hues, and colors.

However, the only two colors that are recognized by kennel clubs are the fawn and black Pugs. That’s why these two variations are usually sold as purebred or pedigree dogs.

This breed is considered strong-willed, loving, loyal companions. They are extremely lovable and usually get along well with kids, and other animals.

Every dog has its own unique personality, but this breed makes a great addition for any family. You might be wondering if color affects their temperament?

In short, no. The shade of the coat has no genetic effect on their temperament, behavior or attitude. You can’t go wrong with whatever color you choose, there’s a great chance that you’ll have a companion for the next 12-15 years.

Related Questions

What color are most Pugs?

As you can see from the graph above, the fawn color is the most common color of this breed. The black and fawn-colored dogs are the only two accepted coat colors under the American Kennel Club registration guidelines.

What color are Pug’s nails?

Most of pug’s nails are going to be black, even the fawn-colored breed. This can make nail trimming difficult, especially, on the black colored ones. It’s not uncommon for some people to notice that their pooch has clear-colored, or brownish-black nails.

What Colors Can Pugs Be?

We’re going to take a look at all Pug colors that you can get. Keep in mind, some of these will be harder to find and the cost can vary based on the color of Pug dog.

According to the AKC a purebred Pug only comes in two colors; fawn and black. These are the registered standard colors of the breed. This doesn’t mean that there are breeders selling different colors of Pugs, you’ll find some of the Pug appearances below.

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