Do Pugs Like To Be Petted And The Right Way To Pet Them

Pugs absolutely love attention, but do they it when you sweet talk to them and rub them? In this article, we’re going to answer the question “do Pugs like to be petted”, and why.

Do Pugs Like To Be Petted?

Yes, they love it! Petting your Pug is a form of bonding between you and your dog. Studies have shown that petting a dog alters both yours and their hormone levels.

The petting process causes an increase in the production of oxytocin, which is the hormone that is primarily responsible for the mother-baby connection.

do pugs like to be petted

Now that you know that the petting process helps you bond with your dog. Let’s look at some of the other reasons dogs love to be pet.

But first, let’s look at how Petting a dog helps you and your health.

How It Helps You

There have been several research studies based on the human-dog interactions. A case study of 60 male and female undergraduates were told to interact with a dog.

Half of the people were told to interact verbally with the dog without petting or touching the dog. The other half of the people interacted with the dog physically.

The results showed that the people who interacted with the dog physically, such as petting and rubbing, had lower blood pressure while interacting with the dog. While the other half of the group that just talked to the dog did not see a decrease in their blood pressure.

People that were told to both touch and talk to the dog, appeared to have the most positive cognitive factors.

Petting your dog has positive effects for both of you, so take time out every day to pet, hug, and cuddle with your dog.

Read this article if your Pug loves being picked up and held.

Why Do Pugs Like To Be Petted?

Yes, you can talk to your Pug and tell them that you love them. The best way to communicate your love to them is to spend time showing them.

Dogs love receiving physical contact from their dogs, that’s why they lie close to you while you’re on the couch. They want to touch you and feel you close to them.

According to scientific studies, there are several reasons that dogs love being pet and rubbed by their human owners.

It Feels Good: Remember that first time you got a massage? You thought it felt so good, now you go back every month for one.

Well, dogs love a good belly rub, back scratch, or their ears rubbed because it just feels really good.

Calming: The process helps loosen up their muscles which in turn reduces stress and anxiety that your pet may be dealing with.

Affection: Pugs love their humans and nothing is more important to them than spending quality time with you.

Boredom: Some dogs will crave being rubbed or pet if they are bored. They have nothing better to do, so why not get a few belly rubs and back scratches?

Security: Like you and I, dogs want to know that you love them. Petting your Pug is a great way to make them feel secure and let them know you actually care for them.

Do All Dogs Like To Be Pet?

While most Pugs will enjoy sitting with their owners while they rub or pet them. It’s important to know that some may not want to be touched at all or very often.

Dogs that don’t like to be touched may have suffered from a traumatic experience in their past, or they just don’t enjoy it.

Every dog has its own unique personality and no two dogs are the same. If you have two Pugs, one may crave attention and want to be rubbed and pet.

While your other Pug could care less if you pay them any attention. They may even remind you of a cat, all they want is for you to feed them.

Where Do Pugs Like To Be Petted?

where do pugs like to be petted
Pugs love to be pet on their belly, chin, chest, butt, back, and etc.

Most people never give any thought about where their dog loves being pet, they usually just bend down and pet them. What you may not realize, is that your pooch has a few places they loved to be pet.

Once you know that your four-legged friend doesn’t mind being pet, it’s time to give them more than just a pat on the head. Just like people, dogs have preferences.

In fact, your Pug will go crazy when you pet them on the right spots.

Upper Chest

Most canines love it when you pet or scratch their chest (the area between their front legs). This area can best be reached when they are sitting beside you watching TV.

When you’re petting the chest, start petting from the side, rather than trying to come in from over the dog’s head. Don’t be afraid to put your arm around your Pug and pull them a little closer to you.

They won’t mind, in fact, they’ll keep begging for more!

The Ears

While most Pugs won’t mind if you touch their velvety ears. They’ll really bond with you if you rub or scratch the base of their ears where most of the cartilage is.

Gently massage the area behind their ears. While you’re at it, they won’t mind if you massage their neck and jaw as well.

If you rub them long enough, they will close their eyes and you’ll think they fell asleep. However, as soon as you stop, they’ll nudge your hand wondering why you stopped.


Dogs love a good belly rub, because it is calming, helps reduce stress and calm anxiety. When a dog allows you to rub their belly, it means that they trust you completely.

A Pug that loves belly rubs, will roll over and expose his/her belly. You’ll want to get down on your knees or sit down and pet or gently scratch their belly and the groove between their rear legs.

Once your Pug realizes that you’re willing to rub their belly, you’ll have a lifelong friend. In fact, they’ll roll over as soon as you approach them.

If you have a very friendly Pug, they will roll over whenever someone comes into your house. My Pug thought that everyone came over to give her attention.

Under The Chin

Some dogs love being pet under their chin. Just be careful to avoid petting a dog under the chin that is unfamiliar with you, as they may bite you.

Start by working your way from the back of their neck and rub gently to the front of the chin. If your dog loves it, they will sit beside you and let you pet them as long as you want.

Don’t be afraid to talk to them gently as you rub.

The Shoulder and Back

This is where most people pet their dogs because it’s easy to do. All you do is bend down and rub them gently on their back and shoulder.

The Hips and Butt Area

Most dogs love it when you pet them on their hips and butt area. In fact, t’s not uncommon for a dog to twitch their body in hopes of getting you to rub them in other spots like their belly, or chest.

You can start at either hip or at the base of their tail and scratch and rub from one hip to the next. This will drive your pooch crazy and they will keep begging for more.

Most dogs enjoy butt and hip massages, and it’s a great way to show your pooch you care.

Ready, Set, Pet

As I mentioned above, not all Pugs will enjoy being pet. If your dog loves it, they will come to you with their tail up and may even nudge your hand inviting you to pet them.

If a dog backs away scared or acts leary or jumpy, then don’t pet them. This is especially vital if you are approaching a dog that doesn’t know you.

How To Pet A Dog You Don’t Know

how to pet a pug
Use these tips to pet a Pug you see at the dog park or out in public.

Most people who see a cute dog or puppy at a dog park always want to pet the dog. They just assume that all dogs want to be pet.

However, this isn’t the case, especially, if it’s NOT your dog. Before petting any dog, always ask the dog first.

Ask First

If a dog doesn’t know you, they don’t want you walking up to them and start petting them. This is the mistake that most people make that end up getting bitten.

Always ask the dog owner if it’s okay to pet the dog. If they allow it, approach the dog from the side, not in front.

If you approach a dog from the front and stare into their eyes, it can be a sign of an antagonistic threat.

I always let a strange dog sniff my hand before I try to pet them. Just make sure you don’t shove your hand in front of there face, as they may bite it.

Approach Them Slowly

It’s easy for people to get overly excited when they see a cute dog, especially, kids. Avoid rushing to the dog, as it can scare them and make defensive.

Instead, approach them slowly and extend a loose fist to allow them to sniff your hand. Once they start sniffing and wagging their tail, you can start petting them gently.

Avoid The Face

Never pet a strange dog you just meet at the dog park near the face or on the head.

After greeting the dog and they don’t mind you petting them, focus on petting them on the shoulder or neck.

Respect The Dog’s Wishes

Pay attention to the dog’s body language. If they enjoy being pet, most of them will wag their tail, approach you for more, or look at you with soft eyes.

If they are scared and at any time backs away, stop what you’re doing right away. Read this article to help you understand how to greet strange dogs.

Final Word On Petting A Pug

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