Can Pugs Eat Asparagus And What You Need To Know

Now that grilling season has returned more pet owners will be grilling asparagus and other healthy vegetables outdoors. You might have wondered “can Pugs eat asparagus,” especially as they hang out by the pellet smoker anxiously waiting for a small taste.

So, Can Pugs Eat Asparagus?

Yes, it’s fine to give your pooch small pieces of this veggie. It’s not toxic for dogs but not all parts of the veggie are safe. Your pooch should only be fed plain asparagus, that contains no garlic, onions, butter, or any other seasonings.

It’s best to feed your pooch boiled or steamed asparagus as it’s easier for your pooch to chew.

can Pugs eat asparagus

It’s important to monitor your dog, as this veggie can cause your dog to choke easily.

There’s a lot to learn about feeding asparagus to your Pug, so let’s get into what you need to know.

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Are There Any Benefits To Feeding Asparagus To Pugs?

Asparagus is high in vitamins and minerals that make it a healthy low-fat veggie that is good for humans. Here are some of the nutrients that are found in this vegetable.

  • Beta-carotene
  • Phosporous
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin C
  • Protein
  • Vitamin E
  • Asparagine
  • Folate
  • Vitamin K
  • Zinc
  • Selenium
  • Manganese
  • Chromium

Dogs are omnivores but may not receive the same benefits as we do. That being said, your dog does need specific nutrients that’s why it’s important to feed them a high-quality food.

Vitamin E is a fat soluble nutrient that is essential for your pet’s body to help develop strong, healthy bones. It’s also an antioxidant that helps protect canine’s cells from free radicals.

So yes, there are some benefits of feeding your pooch certain veggies.

WARNING: Always consult with your veterinarian before changing or adding human food to your dog’s diet.

Fun Asparagus Facts

Most people have no clue that it takes asparagus 3 years from seed to harvest. The spears start out as small as the diameter of a pencil lead.

After eating this veggie, you’ll notice a pungent smell to your urine. This is from a condition called “specific anosmia” that is the result of the sulfurous compounds found in asparagus.

Chickens can help farmers with their production of asparagus, by foraging in the field. The foraging does not affect the crop.

White or albino spears are the result of the absence of sunlight.

Americans consume on average 1.76 pounds of asparagus per year, which makes it one of the least favorite veggies in 2018.

Is Asparagus Safe For Pugs?

is asparagus safe for Pugs
Asparagus is not toxic to dogs, but should be fed without any seasonings.

Yes, it is safe, as long as your dog never comes into contact with the leaves of an asparagus fern. Most people will never see this as it is only visible if you grow the veggie in your garden.

If you do grow it in your garden, make sure you keep your dog away from the plant. You may even want to consider putting a fence around the plant.

Most of us purchase this veggie from our local supermarket or farmers market, which is safe for our four-legged friend.

Can Pugs Eat Raw Asparagus?

Raw asparagus is not toxic to dogs, that being said it can be difficult for your pooch to chew.

If your pooch loves eating raw vegetables like carrots, broccoli, celery, and cucumbers, there’s a good chance they’ll enjoy raw asparagus.

That being said, never give them a whole spear. Cut it up into bite size pieces to avoid a choking hazard.

Can Pugs Eat White Asparagus?

white asparagus
White or albino asparagus is grown without sunlight.

Yes, albino asparagus is no different than green asparagus. The only difference is the condition that the white asparagus is produced in.

It is covered with plastic or grown under the soil, so it isn’t exposed to the sunlight.

Once cooked, the “albino” appearance will fade.

Can Pugs Eat Purple Asparagus?

Purple asparagus has the same flavor as both the green and white varieties. The biggest difference is that it has higher sugar content.

Keep this in mind if you give some to your pooch!

Digestive Problems Can Be Common

When feeding your pooch any new food, your dog is susceptible to digestive problems.

If your dog eats too much of anything, their tummy will start hurting. They may even start vomiting or have a bout of diarrhea.

If this happens, stop feeding your pooch the veggie immediately. Most of the time your pooch will be fine once they get the veggie out of their system.

How To Feed Your Dog Asparagus?

how to cook asparagus for a pug
Never add any type of seasonings for your dog’s portion.

You can feed your pooch both cooked and raw asparagus, so here is how we feed our dog this veggie.

Serving it cooked

When you’re getting ready to cook asparagus on the grill, put some aside for your pooch. Don’t season it, and make sure you cook it on the top shelf to avoid any contamination from your seasoned portion.

Cook it thoroughly to ensure that it is soft enough for your pooch to eat, especially if you have an older dog.

Once it is done, allow it to cool down before serving it to your pooch.

Serving it raw

Raw vegetables contain more nutrients than cooked veggies, this is why so many pet parents switch their dogs to a raw diet.

When feeding your pooch raw asparagus, make sure you cut it into small bite-size pieces. A dog’s digestive system is not designed to break down raw vegetables.

So this food can be hard on their stomach and can lead to numerous stomach issues, not to mention increases the chance of them choking.

Always monitor your dog whenever you feed them any type of veggie!

How Much Asparagus Can A Pug Eat?

It depends on each individual dog. Just like humans, dogs can consume a certain number of calories per day to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If they consume too many calories, they will gain excess weight. So it’s important to monitor the calories they consume.

We recommend that pet parents follow the 10% rule when feeding your pooch raw or cooked veggies, fruit, treats or any other snacks.

It’s best to start out with a few pieces to see how your pooch responds to it. Keep an eye out for diarrhea and smell gas!

Alternatives To Asparagus For Pugs

If your pooch loves eating their vegetables then you can consider giving them some of these healthy veggies instead of high-calorie doggie treats.

Not all humans like asparagus, and your dog may not either. This doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t like veggies, it just means they don’t like asparagus.

So consider some of these alternatives.

Final Word On Feeding Pugs What

While it’s fine to share plain asparagus with your furbaby. Remember to keep their portions small, to prevent them from choking.

If your pooch enjoys eating this green vegetable, you may want to consider giving them a different green veggie that is softer and easier to eat.

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