Can Pugs Eat A Raw Diet? [Benefits & Guidelines]

Making dietary choices for your pet pug can be confusing. There are several different foods you can feed your Pug, and choosing the right diet is key. A raw diet is one of these options, and it may seem confusing at first, but it is actually quite simple. 

Can Pugs Eat A Raw Diet?

Pugs can and should eat a raw diet because it actually has many health benefits for your dog. You should follow some guidelines to tailor the raw diet to your Pug and make it suitable for them. 

Let’s go through the most important aspects of a raw diet and how dog owners can go about it. 

can Pugs eat a raw diet

What Does A Raw Diet for Pugs Consist Of?

A raw diet is what its name suggests. It consists of raw meat and organ meat such as liver, kidney, bones, whole or ground. 

The basic foundation of a raw diet is natural foods rich in protein and fat. Fruits and vegetables are also an essential part of a raw diet.  

Unlike processed or commercial pet food, a raw diet is completely natural. This means it is free of any additional grains, fillers, or artificial flavors. 

Commercial food does help to fill your pet’s tummy and feel good, but they are not as rich in nutrients. A raw diet is the purest form of food, making it an excellent choice for Pugs’ health and development.  

Preparing A Raw Diet for Pugs

So, what is the best way to prepare a raw diet for your Pug? Well, you need to know which meat to buy and which portion of muscle you should feed your dog. 

Some meat cuts that are highly recommended include fat, heart, lung, gizzards, tongue, trachea, tendons, cheek, pizzle, and fillet. Also, keep in mind that grass-fed meat is even better than grain-fed meat.

Bones are also a critical component of a raw diet as they are packed with calcium. You should incorporate soft, edible bones so your Pug can easily eat them. 

These bones are covered in meat, cartilage, fat, and juices that your Pug will surely enjoy. Bones you should get, or your Pug include wings, ribs, neck, back, tail, and feet.

You need to feed smaller bones for smaller dogs like pugs. Some good options are chicken legs, wings, and feet, as well as chicken frames. 

You can also give them duck, quail, or brisket. There is no reason you should not also include organs in your Pug’s raw diet. 

In fact, organs are enriched with the maximum amount of nutrition. They are loaded with a variety of vitamins and minerals like phosphorus, iron, copper, iodine, and magnesium.

You can feed organs from different animals to your Pug so they can obtain all kinds of vital nutrients. Some organs we recommend for your Pug include the kidney, pancreas, spleen, brain, testicles, ovaries, and thymus.

The liver is one organ that has immense benefits. It is an anti-oxidant and contains several vitamins. Vitamin A, B12, folic acid, and iron are all present, making the liver a superfood for pugs. It can help in digestion and boosts overall health and immunity.

Your Pug may not love the texture of raw liver, but you should still add this organ to its diet. Also, do not cook the liver because this kills off the essential nutrients. 

Lastly, make sure not to overfeed the liver because too much vitamin A can be damaging. The liver should only make 5% of your Pug’s diet and not more than this. You can feed another 5% of any other organ of you choice.

Benefits of a Raw Diet for Pugs

Here are some reasons to consider switching your Pug to a raw diet:

Healthy, Clean Teeth; Gums

Eating raw bones and meats helps clean up your Pug’s mouth. The process of tearing meat and chewing bones and meat clears the gums and cleans the teeth. The result is better oral health and fresh breath.

Thick; Shiny Coat

Healthy, natural food filled with nutrients has a positive impact on a dog’s coat. If you want to see your Pug have glossier, softer, and healthier tresses, a raw diet will surely help achieve that.

Fit; Lean

Pug owners know how quickly their Pug can gain weight. A raw diet helps them gain essential nutrients and helps build muscle with minimal fat compared to processed foods containing fillers. A lean, fit pug at an ideal weight is also healthy and has a better quality of life.

Less Smelly 

With fewer toxins to secrete, your Pug will be less gassy and pass less smelly poop in general. Furthermore, a raw diet also makes them smell cleaner overall.

Raw Diet Models for Pugs

It may seem complicated to figure out how much of each food you should allocate for your Pug. You can choose one of the two main models while making a raw diet plan for your pet:

Prey Model Raw Diet

This model replicates a diet for wild dogs. Consisting of meat, bones, and organs, your Pug will essentially be getting a prey diet without having to hunt themselves. The Prey Model Raw (PMR) consists of:

  • 80% of muscle meat
  • 10% of edible bone
  • 5% of any secreting organ
  • 5% of liver


BARF stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. It is almost the same as a Prey model diet, in addition to fruits and vegetables. It contains meat, bones, organs, and it has no grains or fillers.

 A BARF diet consists of:

  • 70% of muscle meat
  • 10% of edible bone
  • 5% of liver
  • 5% of other secreting organs
  • 10% vegetables and fruits (specifically 7% veg and 3% fruit) 

Final Word

Pugs can eat a raw diet, but it’s up to you to ensure they are getting the essential nutrients their bodies require. 

The benefits of providing a raw diet to your Pug are enormous. You should consider choosing this route if you want a healthy, happy pug with an ideal weight and good quality of life. 

We hope that this guide was helpful for knowing what a raw diet is and how you can use this approach to feeding your Pug.  

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