Are Pugs Vegetarian? Can They Survive Without Meat?

The Pug is one of the most popular dog breeds with its signature muzzled face and curled tail. Many people are interested in owning this dog as their pet. If you are one of those people, you might be interested in knowing all about the Pug’s diet and food choices. You may want to know whether pugs are vegetarian or if they prefer an all-meat diet. 

Are Pugs Vegetarian?

Inherently, pugs are carnivorous, meaning they are meat-eating animals at their core. However, this does not rule out vegetables from their diet. Some veggies can even be very beneficial for a pug and can be incorporated into their diet. 

It is essential to understand that pugs are carnivores by nature. Their entire body and anatomy, including the mouth, digestive tract, and stomach, are designed to consume meat. 

are Pugs vegetarian

In addition, their gastrointestinal tract is short and simple and often cannot handle other complex foods. Many fruits or vegetables could likely go undigested and result in really odd-looking poop. 

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But this does not mean that vegetables are a complete no-no for your pet pug. Many dog parents love sharing fruits and vegetables with their pets, and some of them make great treats, especially since they are lower in calories than doggie treats.

If you find out which veggies will suit your Pug and figure out the right way to serve it to them- your pet will be able to reap many health benefits.

How to Feed Vegetables to Your Pug

Essentially, you need to start feeding vegetables to your Pug so that their body adapts to digesting them. Starting this digestion process is essential, and fortunately, it’s not complicated.

One way to ease the digestion of vegetables is to turn them into a puree. Liquifying the vegetables makes it easier to eat and digest for a pug. 

You can easily turn the vegetables into puree form by using a knife, blender, and a liquid of your choice. 

This liquid could be something as basic as water or even apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is a good choice because it has a number of health benefits too. However, water also works just fine.

Another idea is to prepare the veggies by lightly cooking them. Cooking the vegetables makes it easier for pugs to digest them. However, make sure not to overcook them, so they don’t lose their nutrition content.

How to Serve Vegetables to Your Pug

can Pugs be vegetarian

You can make eating vegetables fun for your pet pug in a few ways. The best method to easily feed it is by mixing it with the usual foods your dog eats. 

Your dog is surely going to savor it once it’s mixed with their favorite juicy meat. 

Rather than cutting up vegetables every time you have to feed them, simply freeze them in small portions. This helps save time and makes the serving process even easier. 

What Vegetables Can A Pug Eat

Some vegetables that are safe and highly recommended for pugs include:


Kale is an excellent addition to the Pugs diet as it is high in fiber while being low in fat and calories. It is known to help protect and even aid in healing cancerous tumors in dogs. 

It is also an anti-inflammatory. So, you should keep kale on top of your Pug’s veggie menu. However, make sure not to feed it in excess as this may cause kidney stones in pugs. 


Carrots are known as one of the superfoods, which means they are one of the highest in nutrition. Eating carrots can have a very positive impact on your Pug’s health. They aid in protection against cancer, prevent gum and tooth diseases, and even helps clean them. 


Just like us, dogs need some greens to stay healthy too. Spinach is a great option if you are looking to incorporate vegetables in your Pug’s diet. It helps in building immunity. healing wounds and fighting infections. Plus, it helps in keeping the digestive tract healthy too.

Capsicum (Bell Pepper)

This vegetable is loaded with healthy goodies for your pet pug. Capsicum contains fiber, folate, phosphorus, manganese, beta-carotene, as well as vitamin C, K, E, and B. Additionally, it is an anti-inflammatory and an anti-oxidant.


If your Pug is suffering from stomach issues like diarrhea or constipation, pumpkin can help them feel and get better. This veggie has soothing properties and quickly relieves discomfort. Be sure to feed pumpkin only occasionally and in moderation. 

Broccoli, parsley, and green beans are some more vegetables you can feed to your Pug. Potatoes can be fed to pugs, but only if they have been cooked.

I’ve put together a more extensive list of which vegetables Pugs can eat, so you can be sure you’re giving them the healthiest options.

Vegetables You Should Not Give to Pugs

Keep in mind, you cannot feed all vegetables to Pug. Some vegetables are unsafe, even toxic to pugs, and you must stay away from them. 

Vegetables you need to steer clear from include avocadoes, green tomatoes, raw potatoes, onions, garlic, and mushrooms. They contain a chemical that can have a bad impact on pugs and most other dogs too. Kidney or heart diseases can result due to the consumption of toxic fruits or vegetables.

When it comes to fruit, you should never feed currants, grapes, and pits of plum, cherries, and peaches to pugs. 

The Best Diet For Pugs

The type and quality of food you give to your Pug is very important in ensuring that they are healthy and developing properly while staying safe from diseases. 

An ideal diet for pugs should include meats like lamb, beef, and chicken. You should combine these foods with nutritious fruits and vegetables. Wet canned dog food and dry kibble are also good additions to their diet. 

Also, make sure that your Pug has access to clean water at all times. 

It is important to keep a check on hygiene to keep your pet healthy. 

Never feed them stale or contaminated meats, fruits, or vegetables. If you are switching or introducing new foods, always do this slowly so their digestive system can gradually get used to it. 

Can Pugs Be Vegetarian?

It’s easy to think that your Pug can survive on vegetables alone. However, like us, Pugs require meat in their diet for some of the following reasons below:

  • Lack of Nutrients: According to Pet Coach, dogs need one pound of protein per pound every day. Unfortunately, they won’t be able to get that from eating a vegetarian diet. When dogs consume a well-balanced diet, you can ensure they are getting various Vitamin E, B12, calcium, protein, and other essential nutrients they need to thrive.
  • Preparation Knowledge: Putting your Pug on a vegan diet means you have to know about preparing the proper meals. You have to know which veggies are best for your pup, how to prepare them properly, and ensure they get the essential nutrients they need. 
  • Additional Expenses: Going vegan means you’ll have to give your pooch supplements to make up for the deficit in nutrients. Buying supplements can cost more than feeding your dog a high-quality kibble or adding meat to their diet. 
  • Time-Consuming: Switching to a vegan lifestyle means you’ll be spending more time in the kitchen preparing food for your four-legged friend before rushing off to work in the mornings. You may want to prepare the meals in advance or use a service like Pet Plate to help make the process easier.

Final Word

We hope this article was helpful in learning about a pug’s eating habits and you are now better equipped to feed your pet with the highly nutritious foods they need. 

Like us, Pugs need essential vitamins and nutrients they likely won’t get from eating just vegetables. If your Pug enjoys eating vegetables, there’s nothing wrong with feeding them some as snacks. 

However, for your Pug to truly thrive, you want to ensure they eat more than just vegetables!

I’d recommend checking out Pet Plate, which is as close to feeding your Pug fresh human food with vegetables without sacrificing any essential vitamins and minerals.

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