Are Pugs Stubborn? A Look At What Causes The Behavior

Does it feel like your dog is continuously ignoring you and just being stubborn? No matter what you do to try to get your dog’s attention, they don’t listen. It makes you wonder, are Pugs stubborn, or is it just my dog that’s acting this way? If you have a hard-headed dog that doesn’t listen, you’re not alone. This small breed is known for its stubborn temperament, and once you understand what causes this behavior, you can learn how to discipline them properly.

Are Pugs Stubborn?

Pugs have a tendency to be more stubborn than other breeds. If a dog acts stubborn, it’s because they are distracted, don’t want to listen to you, there’s not enough to motivate them, they’re confused, they’re fearful, might have a disorder, or have too much energy.

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are pugs stubborn

Many people tend to believe that this breed is hard to train because of its stubbornness. However, Pugs are eager to please their owners, and once you understand what’s causing this behavior, you’ll have a much better understanding of how to deal with it.

Why Your Pug is Stubborn

Below are some of the main reasons your dog acts like a stubborn teenager or toddler that won’t listen to you, no matter how many times you call out to them.

These behaviors are prevalent in Pug puppies but can affect any age, when not trained properly.

#1 Your Dog Is Distracted

If you notice your dog ignores you when you’re in public, it’s likely because of all the different distractions around them. It’s hard for a dog to listen to its owner when there are so many different smells, animals, squirrels, people, noises, and etc., going on around them. Your dog will continue to ignore you, especially if they’ve only been trained in a distraction-free environment.

The distractions will win every time. It’s no different than taking a toddler to the store and walking down the toy aisle. They will easily be distracted by all the different toys, and it will be hard to get out of the store without buying them something.

When training your Pug, it’s essential to add in some distractions. This way, your dog understands that she needs to listen to you even when they see the mailman, smells something on the sidewalk, or a squirrel dashes out in front of them.

Once your dog has a good understanding of the command come, teach her how to come with one distraction, such as having another person walk in the room. As your dog starts understanding and listening to you, gradually increase the number of distractions until she listens to you, no matter what is going on around her environment.

#2 She Doesn’t Want to Listen

You’ve repeatedly told your dog not to jump on people, but as soon as you guests, she jumps up on them expecting to be pet. Instead of telling your pup “No” repeatedly, instead try teaching your dog to go sit in a particular place whenever the doorbell rings or someone new comes into the home.

It’ll take some time and several of your Pug’s favorite treats. Before you know it, the next time the doorbell rings, you won’t even have to tell your dog what to do. She’ll do it on her own.

#3 There’s Nothing in It for Them to Motivate Them

Maybe your Pug doesn’t listen to you when you’re trying to train them? Pugs are like children, and if nothing is exciting or yummy for them, they won’t do what you want them to do.

Instead of using their regular kibble when training them, buy some yummy treats they love. These treats should only be used when training them. For instance, the next time you have a training session of teaching them to sit, you would use the training treats.

If your dog is just being a good dog and you want to give them a special treat, you’ll give them a treat of their regular kibble, their favorite toy, or sit on the floor and give them a few belly rubs.

Either way, it’s important to find out what type of treats work best to motivate your dog to do something you want them to do. Otherwise, your strong-willed dog will make you extremely frustrated.

#4 They’re Confused

It’s not uncommon for dogs to be trained by several family members, especially if it’s a family pet. The downside is that not everyone uses the same commands, and this can cause confusion for your four-legged friend.

For instance, let’s say you have been consistent with teaching your dog the various commands every dog should learn. However, other family members let the dog do whatever they want whenever they want.

Everyone in the household must stay consistent in training the family pet. It also means everyone should be using the same methods, commands, and cues to teach your dog the expected behaviors. 

When everyone is on cue, this will remove your Pug’s confusion and result in a well-behaved dog that listens.

#5 Your Pug May Have A Hyperactivity Disorder

If your dog is continually acting up and you’re walking them at least 30 minutes every day, it could be due to a hyperactivity disorder. The clinical term is hyperkinesis, which is not common but is an attention deficit disorder for dogs.

Dogs who suffer from Hyperactivity have difficulty paying attention, are not trainable, and suffer from erratic or wild behavior. If you’ve tried everything on this list and you believe your dog is suffering from this disorder, it’s time to contact the veterinarian. They will do a complete checkup of your dog and may prescribe medication depending on the diagnosis.

#6 She’s Afraid of You

If you’ve lost your cool when your dog peed in the house or didn’t come when called, it can make her fear you. When you catch them doing something they shouldn’t be doing, yelling at your dog will cause them to be scared of you.

Pugs, like other dogs, do best with positive reinforcement training. If your dog cowers, tries to hide, tucks her tail, or trembles when she sees you, she is likely fearful of you. She’ll probably keep acting stubborn or ignoring you until she learns NOT to be afraid of you.

#7 She Has Too Much Energy

Pug puppies can be extremely hyper and energetic, especially if they aren’t getting enough exercise. Try increasing your puppy’s walks or playtime to burn off their excess energy.

The old saying, “A tired dog is a good dog.” is true. When your Pug receives a healthy balance of physical and mental stimulation, it will result in a happy and well-adjusted, dog making them less likely to suffer from behavioral problems.

Final Word

Pugs are a stubborn breed. But now that you understand what causes a dog to behave like this, you can take steps to correct the behavior.

If you’ve tried correcting your dog’s behavior and they still don’t listen to you, it may be worth investing in the Brain Training for Dogs course. The dog training course will uncover your dog’s hidden intelligence and eliminate bad behavior.

You won’t have to worry about your dog throwing temper tantrums or having a dog ignore you like a toddler.

The next time you call out to your dog, they will come running to see what you want!

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