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Hi, I am Susan

I had my black Pug for 16 years and she changed my life.

I got my very first Pug as a birthday gift. People have different opinions about this breed. I started this site to share my personal opinions and research on this breed.


In this category, we cover everything your Pug should and shouldn’t eat.

Health & Care

In this category, we cover everything health-related to keep your Pug healthy.


In this category, we cover everything you need to know about Pug dog behaviors.


In this category, learn how to properly train your Pug.

Pet Supplies

In this category, discover the best prices on pet supplies.

Pug Breed

In this category, we answer common questions.

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Must-Have Pug Supplies

Fresh Cooked Dog Food Pugs Will Love!

Pugs are prone to health problems and feeding them the freshest high-quality dog food can help keep them healthy and happy!

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